recruitment training 2022

Here's your chance

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Netmaa Oy and Pirkanmaa TE-services, in cooperation with the Pirkanmaa ELY Centre and the Finnish Entrepreneur College, organise individual Recruitment Training. The aim is to be employed after the training at Netmaa Oy in the development of modern internet applications, either as a programmer or software engineer.

get a job as a software engineer

  • Recruitment training combines on-the-job learning and specific vocational training
  • Effective on-the-job learning together with top professionals
  • External expert trainer courses run by
  • Supports familiarisation with the target job and success in the tasks
  • Train effectively in the development of modern internet applications, either as a programmer or as an application designer
  • All training takes place at Netma's premises
    • All in the same workspace
    • Supporting each other

attitude matters - basic skills are desirable

  • Relevant education or previous experience
  • Knowledge of basic JavaScript, C#, C++ or Java programming would be an advantage
  • Most importantly, a willingness to learn and the ability to work independently


You can apply for training using the application form on the TE-Services website. The application deadline is 10.4.2022.

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Duration and content of the training:
  • Orientation period 2.5 - 30.5.2022
  • RekryTraining period 31.5. - 25.10.2022

Comprehensive training package

An opportunity to build a really strong foundation for the challenges of the future. This kind of training package with the latest technologies is not part of the curricula of educational institutions.