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A clear story

Tell your story clearly and convincingly, and convince the customer that you are the one who can solve their problem.

Served at
as appropriate
in chunks

In suitable pieces

Content needs to be structured for browsing, so use short paragraphs, good subheadings and text highlighting.

Call on
to work

Urged to act

Telling visitors exactly what we want them to do. Make sure that the prompts are clearly visible.

Adapted from
for all
for screens

For all screens

Today, a website has to look good and work on all platforms. Let's invest in mobile and improve the visitor experience.

Optimised for
for search engines
and some

Optimised for the cloud

Optimised for search engines and social media. Use words judiciously and add the right metadata.

Choose your package

Choose a package that's big enough to tell your story. Then tell the story in a way that is sure to interest you.


  • Web hotel
  • WordPress installation
  • Elementary template
  • 1 planning meeting
  • Designing the layout
  • Front page implementation
  • 1 implementation of the additional page
  • 1 renewal cycle
  • Contact form
  • Google Maps


  • Web hotel
  • WordPress installation
  • Elementary template
  • 3 planning meetings
  • Designing the look and feel
  • Front page implementation
  • 5 implementation of the additional page
  • 2 renewal rounds
  • Contact form
  • Google Maps
  • Template customisation
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Open Graph parameterisation


  • Web hotel
  • WordPress installation
  • Elementor elements
  • Planning meetings
  • Designing the look and feel
  • Front page implementation
  • 10 implementation of the additional page
  • Renewal rounds
  • Contact form
  • Google Maps
  • Customisation of elements
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Open Graph parameterisation
  • Some integration
  • HubSpot integration
  • Multilingualism
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  • Turnkey package
  • Website
  • Online shop
  • ERP integration
  • Multilingualism
  • Currency prices
  • VAT treatments
  • Several delivery methods
  • Jne...
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All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate.

Our prices are based on the finished text content and images you provide. The price includes proofreading of the texts and editing of the images. If you wish, we can produce or rework the texts for you at an additional cost and search for the necessary illustrations or videos in the image banks. We can also produce and tailor texts for your brochures and other publications, for example.

Our usage fee includes the installation of WordPress and any add-ons, version management, disk space required for the site, database and its disk space, domain name services, SSL certificates, backups, security services and other server management.

Of course, if you wish, the site can also be implemented in a WordPress-enabled web hotel of your choice. However, the server must provide the resources for all the WordPress plug-ins you need.

May we showcase our expertise

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This is how people comment on us

It's a fantastic project. The material I prepared took on a whole new look in the hands of Netma. My website became much more personal and my story is now clearly conveyed better.

Inkeri Keskitalo

Netmaa built our international visibility to a whole new level. We didn't even expect this. Our website now better serves our wider customer base.

Anu Lampinen

Lucky Ranch

Making the Net combines experience, creativity and openness to new perspectives. Working together to lift and shape the story brought my message to the fore.

Mikko Elomaa

Workplace coach

This is how we do it - together

  • We will start building your story, either at personal or company level.
  • You provide the thematic texts to be placed on the page.
  • Texts can be ready-made or drafts for customisation.
  • If you wish, we can extract the texts from your existing materials, e.g. brochures.
  • The idea is that we approach the topics first with a blog-style text, and then we create a whole that fits the site. Or a bit like a collection of short stories.
  • At this stage, we are not focusing on the structure of the site, nor on how they should be presented on the site.
  • You provide the footage you want.
  • Priority will be given to using your own photos.
  • Alternatively, we can obtain images from the photo banks.
  • We are still not focusing on the structure of the site and how they should be presented on the site.
  • You will provide your company's branding and visibility guidelines for the design of the layout, if any.
  • We design the homepage and the overall look of the site.
  • A basic summary of all the content should be available on the front page, from where you can move on to more in-depth thematic content if you wish.
  • The packages include the design of the front page lifts, but ultimately you decide how the lifts are implemented.
  • After drafting, we will publish a test version for you in a test environment.
  • On the basis of the draft, you will decide on the final guidelines for implementation.
  • First, we will focus on the implementation of the homepage only.
  • Once the front end is ready and approved, we will start implementing the other content pages.
  • We implement content pages.
  • We will implement a contact page.
    • Contact form.
    • Other contact details.
    • Google Maps
  • Google Analytics integration.
  • Open Graph parameterisation.
    • The visibility of pages when shared on social media.
  • Some integration.
    • Social media content to be displayed on the page.
  • HubSpot integration
    • Linking website forms to the HubSpot CRM system, among other things.
  • Deploying the Multilingual app in the languages you want
  • Support for automatic translation, so that not all languages need to be translated manually. LuckyRanch site)
  • You check the finished site on the test page and approve the site.
  • We will publish the website.
  • We are moving into further development and maintenance mode.